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im lovin' this
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ipod lifesaver
someday i'll get
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to be a professional documentarian, to play and live by the sound of a flamenco guitar, to climb kilamanjaro while there’s still snow, to tie a flag up with a sherpa at everest basecamp, to get lost in Katmandu, to touch my grandfather through bonsai trees, to meet and talk with either Paul Kagame, General Romeo Dallaire or Fergal Keane about the bowels of hell, to ask Christiane Amanpour and James Nacthwey why we fight, to enter the Church at Nyarubuye to listen, to find my friend Cous Cous in Essouria, to trailride a motorcycle from Ensenada to San Jose del Cabo, to take Barrack Obamas portrait, to tell short stories through commercial shorts, to run with Doctors without Borders, to help hungry children, to race rally cars, to be loved the whole day through, to live in Kauai, to fish on a boat in south of Thailand, to learn Italian and Portuguese, to have Bebel Gilberto sing within 5 feet of me, to go to carnival in Rio and then drive the coast of Brazil in a jeep, to own a Labrador named Crash, to stop smoking and start running, to go to either the North or South Pole, to own a Cream and white 1967 21 Window VW bus, to have beautiful healthy children, to know how to cook good Indian food, to cliffdive, to learn and sing Nick Drakes Pink Moon, to really know what “I love you” means, to own a boat and work on it, to visit Tokyo, to have apple trees & have my children collect them off the ground.
real live people
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so i've started a nice gig here with the fine folks of Tequila and Chiat Day. This place is a creative super-center, I've never seen anything quite like it. I am sitting on the back wall of one of my personal heroes offices, Lee Clow. And as I write this, my friend Raz pours me a fresh cup of tea. Goodtimes.
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it's about damn time
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