BLOGGING, heck yes.
113 months ago

i made a blog
115 months ago

hi, wow, i'm here, i swear. I updated some design and illustration - the first time in a good long time. Enjoy !
118 months ago

we are now in one room
122 months ago

I'm off to Central America, see you in a month.
hi, it's been a long time...
123 months ago

what a delay on news, months really - and here we are, halfway through our summer already. It's July 18th, and I'm sitting in the ultra-secret graphic design department of Apple Headquarters in Supertino. I've been up here playing for a few weeks, heading home next week. It's been great, an amazing environment, smart people, good ideas - what you want from a good design gig. I moved into a new house a few weeks ago, and have turned the Beach House into a collective office between myself, and I am SO excited to be working in the greatest office, with the greatest friends. It will have to wait though, for I return home next week, am home for 6 days, and then i'm off to Central America for 5 weeks to travel, explore, and take 4000 frames. After that I will return, to finally start constructing my REAL photography portfolio, and REALLY try and get some work. F YA